How to Clean A Carpet: The 7 ‘Grandmother’ Tips

Let us see how to clean a rug carpet, looking at it from grandmother’s tricks and its contemporary advantage.

Your Carpet Is Stained, Dull Or gray?

The carpet cleaning Nottingham Company shared this informational article on how to clean a carpet in 7 tips.

These grandma’s recipes are very simple tips to get the job done or give your carpet a boost. Note that for a valuable carpet, it is better to focus on dry cleaning by small localized keys.

How to Clean A Wool Rug?

First of all, pay attention to the composition of your carpet. Because according to the materials, it is necessary to use different products. So when you buy a new carpet, always think about looking at the label that will tell you how to clean it. You may be surprised to discover that it is machine washable. But, if not, here’s how to clean a carpet:

  • Always vacuum your carpet before putting on a product to prevent dust from interfering with your cleaning! If your carpet is made of wool, gently remove excess fiber by hand. But above all, do not use your vacuum cleaner in brush mode, it could damage it.
  • Always treat a task from the edge to the center to prevent it from spreading.
  • Do not put the product or mixture directly on the carpet. Use a clean cloth and swab.
  • Always dry without rubbing, either in the open air or with a hairdryer.
  • Finally, do not use colored linen to clean your carpet, prefer white rags.